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Holburne Museum of Art

Great Pulteney Street Bath BA2 4DB   Tel 01225 466669
Porcelain, silver, bronzes,  and paintings.

American Museum in Britain
Claverton House Bath BA2 7BD   Tel 01225 460503
Traces the American way of life from the early settlers to the 1860s.

Brighton,  East Sussex.
Home of three British monarchs with an Indian exterior, a Regency Palace.
Tel. 01273 290900

Cheddar Caves & Gorge
Cheddar Somerset
BS27 3QF

ss Great Britain
Harbour side Bristol   Tel 0117926 0680
Brunel's steamship the worlds first great ocean liner.

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Veni Vidi
I came, I saw, a country green,
with buildings old that must be seen.
With flowers and gardens unsurpassed,
And ancient relics from the past.

I came, I saw, a beautiful place,
nature's gift to the human race.
Fields of colour and birds that sing,
gardens fit for a gracious King.

I came, I saw, forts of old,
battlefields where knights were bold.
Where fights were fought and fights were won,
and many men died to win freedom.

I came, I saw, ancient bones,
Roman pots, and Saxon stones.
Great works by masters new and old,
fine work and treasures to behold.

I came, I saw, the home of steam,
great iron horses in the sun did gleam.
Mighty steam trains fuelled by fire,
the backbone of a great empire.

I came, I saw, a farmer's yard,
with men on tractors working hard.
I saw the cattle, sheep and goats,
while lambs frolicked in their woolly coats.

I came, I saw, a potter's wheel,
and asked that his craft he would reveal.
A piece of god 's earth he did transform,
into a beautiful object, magic and warm.

I came, I saw, a windy hill,
where there upon sat an old windmill.
The miller alas, has long since gone,
but the tools of his trade grind on and on.

I came, I saw, a peaceful site,
in the grounds of a village church at night.
I saw grand cathedrals, spires and towers,
and felt the majesty of their holy powers.

I came, I saw, a cherished land,
where god and man walk hand in hand.
Where the past and the present tell a tale,
and peace and tolerance doth prevail.

Ó Graham Noel 2000



A recent addition to this website is some photographs I purchased and they are stamped on the back W Suschitzky who I understand is the father of Peter Suschitzky the cinematographer.

Some years ago I attended an auction in Herne Bay. I used to go regularly because I was selling brica brac in my tea room in Sussex. On this occasion there was a portfolio of paintings by an unknown artist Bernard Frenkl and they achieved a reasonable price. I bid for them because I liked some of the paintings but wasn't prepared to spend too much because I was there to get stock to sell. I was disappointed not to get them but then his sketch pads and some photos were the next lot so I bid for that instead. The sketches included designs, doodles and finished   portraits in pencil. I have endeavoured to find out more about Bernard Frenkl but have only ever found one of his paintings for sale and that was of his wife Gerda at   Bonham's . It went for a lowly 6 and I wonder what happened to the remaining pictures in the lot. I have been through the sketch book which forms an achieve of   Bernard Frenkl's work and have loaded them onto this web site for the enjoyment of others. Should you know more about this man whose talent has gone unrecognised please contact us, I shall be grateful for any information.

At the same time I purchased some Steinlen prints and I since found that he was a well known Swiss artist who painted in the French Art Nouveau style. 1859-1923. Click on the name to view these.

Graham Noel